Alan S. Toban Grant

The Selection Process

The Alan S. Toban Grant was established and is administered by the Association of Illinois Real Estate Educators (AIREE), a non-profit organization made up of educators and individuals concerned with or interested in real estate education, training or research.

AIREE members come from colleges, universities, private schools, real estate brokerage firms, real estate associations and boards, and regulatory agencies. AIREE offers the opportunity for an exchange of information to those involved in every aspect of education and training.

Our members’ knowledge base covers degree programs to ongoing education and includes sales training, certification and designation programs, pre-license to postgraduate studies, as well as consulting, research and publishing. Many of our members have experience working as administrators, instructors, trainers, authors and attorneys.

This Grant may be awarded to AIREE members or non-members who seek to advance their education and/or developing skills that will be used to create and/or deliver training to other real estate industry professionals.

The Selection Process

The selection of grant recipient(s) will be determined by AIREE’s Board of Directors at a regular meeting of the Board immediately following the receipt of a completed grant application packet. It will be in the sole discretion of the AIREE Board of Directors to determine the grant amount to be awarded, if any.

Qualifications & Limitations

  • Applicants may apply once per calendar year.
  • Grant recipients may be awarded in amounts up to $1,000.
  • Grants recipients must wait at least 36 months before applying to receive additional funds from this grant.

For consideration, please use the form below to submit your application and supporting documentation to AIREE.

If you have any questions about the Grant or application process, please contact us.

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